Love the idiot but
hate the idiocy.1

What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence.
--Christopher Hitchens

Which religion to chose from out of so many? Shinto? Sikhism? Santeria? Scientology? Christianity? Islam? Judaism? Hinduism? Jainism? Wicca? Cao Dai? Universalism? Ancestor worship? Buddhism? Confucianism? Taoism? New Age? Generic spiritualism? They all can feel true to their followers.

There are many religions, and within each are many sects and subsects, all claiming to know the correct interpretation of scriptures, the nature of the universe, and what God or the gods expect from us humans. Which passages from scripture are literal? Which passages from scripture are metaphorical? Who was divine or not? Is there an afterlife or not? Who qualifies for an afterlife? Why so many different claims? Are the gods telling different people different things? Who is right and who is wrong? It can feel so true, no matter how contradictory.

The correct religion could be determined with credible supporting evidence but none is available, only unfounded notions (scriptures) and logical fallacies. The simplest explanation with the fewest assumptions is that all religions are false. What can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence, as Christopher Hitchens would say.

Many believers are delusional while others simply following along without thinking much about it. Dogmas (entrenched opinions) gets passed on and not challenged due to an authoritarian mindset, just plain lack of curiosity, or outright lazy thinking.

Faith (pretending to know regardless of evidence) gives its adherents comfortable answers, no matter how wrong. Guiding or tricking brains into feeling the truth does not necessarily mean that it has been found. Human ape brains are flawed and insights are just fallible predictions. It can feel so true, yet be so wrong.

Having faith means not caring what is really true or false. I care. Fictions and rituals can be inspiring and comforting, but when fiction is presented as fact or expected to be followed by others, then that's bullshit, and that bullshit can have a negative impact on individual wellbeing, society, future generations, and the ecosystems upon which we stand.

I have an honest pursuit of truth, and faith ain't the way to attain it. So many religions to choose from. I chose none. God is just an idea.

References and additional reading:

1A satire of the offensive "love the sinner but hate the sin" Christian platitude. Which is worse: being an idiot or being a sinner?